Lost & Found

Ever wanted something so badly that you felt that you would die if you didn’t get it? What if the earth stopped spinning for a moment, Claire Underwood let go of ambition, and your wish came true? Imagine if you loved it, treasured it, cherished it and then one day it disappeared.

After you’ve bawled your eyes out, and turned your house upside down you take the mature and very boring adult decision to move on with your life. The apple of your eye, however, does demand a special place in your heart.

Now imagine fifteen years later you have only an inkling of nostalgia in your mind. Your mother hands to you a box. She has a sneaky look in her eye, besides you recognise the box. It was the one in which you preserved all your special stuff. But the real surprise is inside.IMG_3973.JPG

The garnet stone ring glows, almost as though it knew you were coming to claim it. It shines in delight finding its way to its delightful owner.

Isn’t finding old stuff Awesome?


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