How to Scandalise Your Parents

Typically when you’re a girl living in India and turning twenty-something your parents develop an additional superpower. Their retina is so energised that they are now able to scan any boy within a hundred mile as a potential husband. As traumatic as that sounds it is infinitely better than the endless battle, almost as eternal as the battle between good and evil, you would fight resisting.

So what do you do? Simple. Read this statement, and learn by rote. “This topic of conversation will not be entertained without a picture and details of a boy.” If that fails there is an easy alternative. Look your relative squarely in the eye and firmly state,”I like girls.” No offence to LGBTQ. If you’re a boy, you can say boy. This is just to throw them off your tail.

The real surprise happens when you innocuously share a post with details about characteristics matching those of your dream guy.

You say

All those lovely, psychotic, insane people looking for boys for me, here’s a not so subtle hint about what I want 

What surprises you is, your old college roommate, who strangely you introduce as your close girl friend replies,

Marry me?

About time. Don’t you think? It’s been a while since you scandalised your parents 😉 because it is Awesome


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