Adventure Sports

When you are away for the weekend at a resort in the middle of nowhere, actually in an oasis of greenery, a strangeness begins to stir in the air. You find a warm honey like feeling creeping into your heart and a hopefulness alien to city dwellers and workaholics startles you. And you… Yes,  You, the cynic that you are, find yourself open to new experiences.

Suddenly, climbing a tree ten feet high and walking across a tightrope, but not so tight your hands don’t shake, feels like the most natural thing to do. You are supported on the sides and bottom, but not for long, only till you reach the next level when all you have is a tight rope below your feet and a tight rope to keep your balance above your head. Since two levels are Just not dangerous enough you have to walk a simulated version of the shaky Burma bridge. So you don’t get over confident, another level with only support on the sides and loose rope stand in your way to the end. Gloating rights are categorically reserved if you reach the end, more so if you do so with a nonchalance and a breezy smile.

I am partial to guns and other weapons with bullets, but bullets that penetrate only one centimeter into the skin don’t count, especially if they never hit the target. Yes. It was the gun’s fault. The bow and arrow did perfectly well. I hit the centre, just in case you were wondering.

PS. Do remeber all stunts are performed by experts, and most not be imitated at home unless there is a trained instuctor at your side and you’ve signed all the disclaimers. Because Adventure Sports are Awesome!


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