About Kritika !

IMG_5754Kritika Prasad was born in 1989. Like most writers she had a keen interest in books. She finished schooling in 2007 and graduated as a computer engineer in 2011 from Pune University. Her passion for books drove her to write poetry during her college years. She worked in British Council, New Delhi for approximately 2 years. After completing her online certificate course “Getting started in Creative Writing” from Oxford University she started writing full-time.

Kritika’s first published book “The Purple Notebook” is a collection of poems observed in the behavior of various people including the author’s family and absorbing the variety of emotions offered. Incidents and events vary but each poem is an expression of a sentiment.

Short Stories for the Imaginative Adventurer” is a collection of stories about imaginative beings who find themselves in very human circumstances, and sometimes the roles are reversed. Stories are suitable for all ages, although younger children may require assistance with the language. There is a subtle philosophical content which can be grasped only when reading between the lines.

Released 31st MAY, 2015


Short Stories for the Imaginative Adventurer is looking to take you on an adventure where you meet mythical, mystical, and spiritual beings and find that their situation is not entirely different from your own!

#Imaginative Adventurer hopes that it can help you unleash your imagination, and let it run freely, gloriously wild and find that there are no limits to which your mind can take you!

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