Why should I read this random page on the internet?

In a book by Eleanor H. Porter a little girl and her father invented a game.

I wondered if a little girl who lost both her parents and was sent to stay with an aunt who didn’t want her could find things to be glad about, why couldn’t I?

I lead, what I think, is an awesome life, and so there must be awesome things happening each day to make it that way!

This blog is me playing Pollyanna’s game. An attempt get a glimpse of the awesomeness in the present, before it becomes the ever so glorious past!!

In the spirit for keeping an eye open for Awesome things that happen to me Today I will be sharing pictures (taken from my phone camera, or actual camera or a friends camera) or writing about it and leaving the rest to your imagination !!

Watch out the same things may be happening to you! And for Tips to play the game yourself 🙂


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